Rules and By-laws


The Committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of the Rules and Regulations and of the bye-laws made there under, and the decision of the Committee upon any question of the interpretation or upon any matter effecting the Association or the harbour management and not provided for by these Rules or by the bye-laws and regulations made hereunder shall be final and binding on the members.
The Rules of the Association may be added to, repealed or amended by resolution at any General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting, provided that no such resolution shall be deemed to have been passe unless it be properly presented and carried by a majority of at least two thirds of the members voting thereon.
A  copy of the Rulebook shall be available to all members and membership will imply full consent to abide by these rules.

By-Laws and Regulations of the Portreath Harbour Association

1. Meetings to be held every first Friday in the month.
2. Mooring and Association fees not paid by the 31st January – Mooring to be reallocated.
3. A fee shall be levied for the use of the hard-standing both in summer and winter.
4. A fee shall be levied for visitors using the slipway, members shall have free use.
5. Visitor shall pay a proportion of the annual mooring fee
6. Mooring fees to be levied on a reducing scale from front to the back.
7. Lapse of membership or non-payment of fees forfeits mooring application priority.
8. Owners who have been allocated berths shall abide by the mooring rules and requests of the Association or its Officers.
9. Mooring or Berths allocated shall not be considered as permanent and craft may be moved to another  berth if required by the Association.
10.Moorings, berths and dues are not transferable, unless with express written permission of the Association’s Officers.
11. Loan moorings can only and will only be allocated by the committee.
12. Mooring to be allocated by the Committee  in a date order or mooring list application.
13. Mooring list to be updated each year and made available to members.
14. All applications for and request to change moorings must be applied for by the Annual General Meeting. Application forms to be sent out with the  Annual General Meeting notification. After the allocation meeting following the  Annual General Meeting no further changes will be made for the rest of the year.
15. All applications for moorings must state the size of the boat.
16. Members allocated moorings may not invite boats other than those applied for on that mooring unless by the consent of the committee.
17. Mooring rights are granted to members in order of status on the mooring list. In the event of partnerships the rights and priorities will be in order of the mooring list status of the principal owner. When the principal owner withdraws from the partnership the rights and priorities will be in order of the moorings list status of the new owner.
18. All mooring ropes, chains and ladders must, be provided by the owners and of adequate strength and material, must not constitute a hazard to other  craft and must be maintained to the satisfaction of the Association and its Officers.
19. Alterations may not be made regarding berths, without the approval of the Association and its Officers.
20. Mooring ropes or chains, with the exception of lazy painters may not be attached to harbour railings.
21. Members are responsible for keeping their ladders safe and secure to avoid causing accident or disturbance.
22. Mooring chains to be checked by the Committee.
23. All mooring ropes to be non-buoyant.
24. All craft shall be maintained in a seaworthy condition and the owners shall permit the Officers of the Association to inspect any craft at any time,and if any crafts, in the opinion of such Officers, found to be un-seaworthy it shall be removed from the harbour until brought to a seaworthy condition. These decision of the Associations Officers is binding and final.
25. Each craft is recommended to carry at least:- One anchor, Three distress flares (starshell), Engine toolkit and spare plugs (f applicable), Spare Oars and rowlocks (if applicable), Life Jackets, Compass, Anchor chain or rope, Bailer of pump, Knife, Reserve fuel.
26. All owners of the craft allocated berths or moorings must sign an indemnity form absolving the Cornwall Council and the Association or their Representatives and Officers from all liability and loss of life, injury to person or persons, damage to or loss of property or any expense incurred under the berthing or mooring of craft and these berthing and mooring rules and any amendment which may be promulgated from time to time.
27. Mooring agreements must be signed and returned.
28. All craft using the harbour shall at the owners expense be insured for such amounts as the Association may require with such insures as the Association may approve against all manner of claims by and liabilities to third parties (including government and other authorities).
29. Insurance and mooring fee receipts to be shown prior to the time of launch.
30. The Association or its Officers have full authority to direct craft to temporary moorings or hard-standings anywhere in the harbour. irrespective of whether they have already been allocated a mooring or berth.
31.Rubbish etc, must not be thrown into the harbour at any sate of the tide, nor must ther be any littering of the harbour or the surrounding land by any Association member.
32.Craft left unattended or becoming a danger to navigation or other craft may be re-berthed or moored at the Associations or its Officers direction. The owner will accept full responsibility for all damage, loss of life, injury to persons or person and the expense incurred whether to the Association, Cornwall Council, their Representative and Officers or Private Individuals.
33. Owners of craft are expected to co-operate with the Association and its Officers in the administration of the harbour facilities. Persons invited on site are the responsibility of the persons extending the invitation and the indemnity as laid down in rule 26 shall apply.
34. Members should not park alongside the harbour except to load and un-load.
35. Harbour approaches to be kept clear of pots and nets etc.
36. Speed of boats in the harbour will not exceed two(2) Knots.
37. A register of boats shall be kept.
38. Non-compliance with the rules and regulations may result in the termination of membership and all rights thereto entitled.
39. The nomination system shall be that members nominate themselves for a maximum of two posts, if they wish to stand for election to the Committee.
40. Any member who does not have their vessel on their mooring within three weeks of the main craning-in date, will forfeit their mooring rights for that year at the discretion of the Portreath Harbour Association Committee. This does not in any way affect their future mooring rights or position on the moorings list.