Boat Watch Scheme


The main aims of Boat Watch follow the objectives of the already well established Neighborhood Watch Schemes which are to:
1. Reduce local opportunities for crime thereby deterring would-be thieves and vandals.
2. Establish a community spirit so that everyone can contribute towards the protection of their property by mutual co-operation and communication.
3. Alert the coordinator or the police of any suspicious activity.
It involves the owner completing a registration card giving his address an full details of the vessel, and a description and serial numbers of equipment kept on board. On completion one of the cards is retained by the owner, another is sent to the Police and a third is retained at the Harbour Master’s Office. Having completed this, the boat owner is now considered a part of the Boatwatch Scheme and is given a distinctive sticker to display in a prominent position on their boat. The idea being that any would-be thief would be deterred by the fact that all the property in board had been recorded at the local Police Station. It is also intended to make boat owners aware of others in the scheme and therefore to keep an eye on each others craft.

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