Moorings 2016

Mooring Plan 2016

Moorings and loan moorings are allocated by the committee, all requests must go through the Secretary (Rules 9-17)
Rules applicable to moorings.
2. Mooring and Association fees not paid by the 31st January – Mooring to be reallocated.
7. Lapse of membership or non-payment of fees forfeits mooring application priority.
9. Mooring or Berths allocated shall not be considered as permanent and craft may be moved to another berth if required by the Association.
10. Moorings, berths and dues are not transferable, unless with express written permission of the Association’s Officers.
11. Loan moorings can only and will only be allocated by the committee.
12. Mooring to be allocated by the Committee in a date order or mooring list application.
13. Mooring list to be updated each year and made available to members.
14. All applications for and request to change moorings must be applied for by the Annual General Meeting. Application forms to be sent out with the Annual General Meeting notification. After the allocation meeting following the Annual General Meeting no further changes will be made for the rest of the year.
15. All applications for moorings must state the size of the boat.
16. Members allocated moorings may not invite boats other than those applied for on that mooring unless by the consent of the committee.
17. Mooring rights are granted to members in order of status on the mooring list. In the event of partnerships the rights and priorities will be in order of the mooring list status of the principal owner. When the principal owner withdraws from the partnership the rights and priorities will be in order of the moorings list status of the new owner.
30. The Association or its Officers have full authority to direct craft to temporary moorings or hard-standings anywhere in the harbour. irrespective of whether they have already been allocated a mooring or berth.
38. Non-compliance with the rules and regulations may result in the termination of membership and all rights thereto entitled.
40. Any member who does not have their vessel on their mooring within three weeks of the main craning-in date, will forfeit their mooring rights for that year at the discretion of the Portreath Harbour Association Committee. This does not in any way affect their future mooring rights or position on the moorings list.

NOTE: The Mooring numbers do not imply seniority; or that the mooring allocated to the member is in anyway a permanent mooring.

Moorings and associated equipment remain the individual member’s responsibility. Users of the harbour are expected to obey the rules laid out in the Association Constitution & Rule Book.